Imagine a large blank sheet of paper or a
 piece of soft clay - both have an almost infinite number of possibilities.

   This is why the Interak is such a great computer.  With its plug-in card system, memory mapped display and transparent operating system it can be easily adapted to almost any task.  In fact there were probably never two Interaks exactly the same.

This is the Interak computer
(Click the picture for full size Image

 This could very well be the only Interak currently in use anywhere.


   To the best of my knowledge the Interak was conceived in 1982 (approx.) by David Parkins of Greenbank Electronics, Merseyside UK.  He had some assistance but seems to have been the main driving force behind its construction since all the schematic diagrams and notes bear his name.

This website will be used to provide as much information as possible about the Interak together with projects past and present.

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Another Interak is currently being built by Brian.    More details when available.

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B> LINKS etc   Roger's Home Page with uDrive information as well as...CP/M + Classic 8-bit computers + Single Board Z80   Another good site + some Interak documentation.  In many ways the Nascom is a close relative of Interak.  Keeping the Z80 alive and for anything involving a Z80 CPU